Site Updates & Enzymecomplex

Site Updates

Substantial effort has been going into establishing a detailed biography for Dawn Industry’s many projects since 1999. At present we are working on the scanning of printed materials, publications, and assembling an image library to act as an archive of past work.


For the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2024, Dawn Industry will be hosting a digital on-demand event named Enzymecomplex. Rather than presenting a series of videos, images or audio files in a traditional manner though, we wanted our audience to navigate and explore people’s work as an unfolding story, or journey, driven by user decision-making. Think of it as being a bit like an old-school “Choose Your Own Adventure”, merged with a multimedia and isolated online environment that guests can traverse at their leisure. As visitors move through the site’s unpredictable spaces, making choices, reading fiction and using text prompts as clues to what lies ahead, they will uncover a hand-selected range of art including visuals, video, audio, poetry and more. There are other Easter Eggs along the way too!

The content of each artist’s virtual space was entirely up to them, and we’ve done our best to encourage work that is purely exclusive to this year’s event. We hope that it feels like a fictional journey through an unusual and unpredictable exhibition, whilst also offering a place where contributors have had free-reign to not only present their work, but also paint the surrounding walls and describe a pocket of virtual space crafted for them, by them. To learn more please contact us through the Darkstereo website. An online submission form for interested artists is now open.