Current Projects

All previous Dawn Industry music compilations are available at Bandcamp.


Since 1999 the Dawn Industry website (formerly has provided a central gateway to personal, commercial and community-driven projects by Australian artist Ivan Bullock.

Over the course of two decades, Dawn Industry has taken many forms. An underground record label and distributor. A promotional site for musical colleagues and collaborators. An independent event organiser, skateboard manufacturer and more.

The current active creations are:

Minorarc (progressive metal & experimental music)
Darkstereo (independent news and reviews about melancholic, underground, experimental and extreme music)
Lapidaus (hand-cut and locally sourced precious gemstones)

Other projects currently under development include Child of the Finder (novel), and a slather of collaborative writing communities which remain private. Previous work included: DEMUS (Dark Electronic Music Underground Society), Dark Stereo (Music store), Enzyme (Melbourne music events), Mystral Tide (Dark classical music) and Dawn Industry Skateboards.

Our allies and collaborators over the years have been numerous, however we are deeply appreciative to the following for their support. Blatant PropagandaInfectious Unease Radio –  2XX –  SleeplabSarcophonyBasticH

Latest News

New Minorarc Album In 2022

Minorarc has just completed a crowdfunding campaign to take pre-orders of an imminent 2022 release titled “Untold”. Two years in the making, and seven years since the project’s last release, …

Darkstereo Returns

From 2006 – 2010, operated as an independent record label, publisher, distributor and online store for both digital and physical music. Focused on providing a release-platform for underground musicians …