Since 1999 the Dawn Industry website (formerly has provided a central gateway to personal, commercial and community-driven music and art projects by Australian musician Ivan Bullock. Over the course of two decades and still going strong, Dawn Industry and its projects have taken many forms. For more detail please read the Biography.

Community Projects

DEMUS (Dark Electronic Music Underground Society) was a promotional site for independent and experimental musicians, active between 2005 – 2010. It also functioned as a record label to produce a suite of three compilation albums. Some remnants of this site still exist on the Internet Archive.

Darkstereo was an underground music distributor of electronic and physical media, as well as a promotional site for independent and experimental musicians. It operated between 2006 – 2010. Captures of the site exist at on the Internet Archive. In 2021 Darkstereo was re-established for the purposes of independent news and reviews about melancholic, underground, experimental and extreme music.

Enzyme was a suite of 19 bespoke music live events in Melbourne Australia, organised and promoted by Dawn Industry. They featured a wide variety of underground and emerging musicians from many genres, held at numerous venues around the city. The events spanned 2005 – 2015, with a special for the Melbourne Fringe Festival occurring in 2010 complete with printed artist biographies and an accompanying compilation CD. A photo gallery of event photos still exists at Flickr and sections of the website still exist on the Internet Archive.

Community Side Projects

The Infectious Unease Radio Compilation Volume 1 was a 4x CD release of international music which was produced, designed and manufactured by Darkstereo and DEMUS in 2010.

Dawn Industry Skateboards was a skateboard designer, manufacturer and distributor between 2011-2015. With a focus on dark industrial imagery and hand-made decks, it sponsored several young skaters throughout Melbourne. Sections of the website exist on the Internet Archive.

Personal Projects

Minorarc is an Australian (largely solo) progressive metal and neoclassical experimental music project that commenced in 2010.

Mystral Tide features solo dark classical and electronic music produced between 2000 – 2009, in Japan and Australia.

Lapidaus is a private lapidary studio which hand-cuts locally sourced and self-fossicked precious gemstones.

Contributors & Supporters

Dawn Industry’s allies and collaborators over the years have been numerous, however we are deeply appreciative to the following for their support.
Blatant Propaganda, Infectious Unease Radio2XX Radio, Sound Pollution Podcast, The Avant-Void, Maribyrnong Council Arts & Culture, Sleeplab, Sarcophony and BasticH.