Minorarc’s Inclusions album is open for pre-orders

Recording for a follow-up to the “Untold” and “Overburden” albums began back in March 2022. Now at last, the final touches are going onto “Inclusions”, a seven track desperate search for answers within the flaws and cracks of spiralling dreams… The release is available for pre-order at Minorarc’s Bandcamp site, and will be released in full on the 1st September 2023.

After seven years in Canberra, Ivan has finally moved back to Melbourne Australia too! The journey was no easy feat, but somehow during the last 12 months a new Minorarc release was created. The creation of the project’s previous two albums (Untold & Overburden) was a real eye-opener after a decade-long break from the studio. Minorarc made so many friends along the way, special people who crowd-funded CD pressings, offered opportunities on Podcasts, let us work in social media groups, or simply enjoyed some independent music.

These seven new tracks continue the themes and feel of its two predecessors… sort of, but not really. The concept for this one was a bit more abstract. Perhaps more disjointed? The hope was to produce something faster in pace that attempted to balance mechanised elements with neoclassical sounds and live recorded instruments. We like to think that this one is more djent-friendly (for the modern metal aficionados among you), but to find those sections you’ll need to hunt through forests of piano, the odd proggy synth, and some frantic lighter guitar, that… was honestly quite annoying to record XD. Yes, this one is all instrumental, except for a vocal track exclusive to our YouTube.

We hope you enjoy this new release if you’re so inclined. Early feedback so far has been hearteningly positive, and there are so many people to thank for that.