Darkstereo Returns

From 2006 – 2010, Darkstereo.com operated as an independent record label, publisher, distributor and online store for both digital and physical music.

Focused on providing a release-platform for underground musicians and artists, the operation functioned as a sidearm of what was then DEMUS (Dark Electronic Music Underground Society), a Dawn Industry project. In combination with Enzyme, a series of Melbourne underground music events (including the Fringe Festival), Dawn Industry worked to unite both artists and listeners to new forms of music.

A lot has changed in the last decade, but the time to resurface has arrived!

Darkstereo awakens in a new form.

Darkstereo’s mission is the support of independent musicians through personalised album reviews, interviews and curated playlistings! Focused largely on Australian contributors, it hopes to become a home for the darker, more melancholic, subversive and extreme ends of music’s spectrum.