Grey days, red haze… Minorarc is a progressive metal, dark classical and electronic experimental music project by Melbourne producer / underground community founder Ivan Bullock.

A sonic exploration of despair and regret, built through piano, guitar, bass and synthesis.

The debut album “Minorarc” was released in 2010, and formed a relentless shift from earlier works (Mystral Tide project 1999-2010), into a new world of dusty grit and urban ruin. The concept of genre or boundary was aggressively thrown out the window.

Several performances and four years later, an Involution EP was quietly released as a collection of new works and re-interpretation. Classical and orchestral rivers flow through a metallic guitar wasteland of discontent and decline.

Currently the project is regrouping and focusing on new material for live performance, and the possibility of an album release in 2015.

We would like to thank our contributors Ben of Cassandra’s Myth / Sleeplab and Brett of Sarcophony for their bass and vocal guest artistry in this project to date.


Ivan was born in 1976 and enrolled in Piano and Violin training at a young age in his home town Canberra. By the teens, he had focused exclusively on Violin, enjoying a point of difference by not only having the only white instrument case in town, but also playing an instrument lovingly crafted by his Father (a part time instrument maker), from a striking African hard wood “Zebrano”. By the age of 18 however, neck injury sustained from prolonged use of the instrument put an end to music creation.

Over the next few years Ivan experimented with the digital arts and set about listening to a broad range of music from progressive and doom metal, through to industrial, ambient and of course classical. The late 1990′s saw a large personal adjustment and long-term move to Tokyo, which became a catalyst for creativity and learning. The intensity, stress and isolation of central Tokyo living also birthed Mystral Tide, leading to years of experimentation with break beats, piano, synthesis and doom.

Sean Cooper of Zeitgeist Records (Brisbane) produced and funded the CD release “Whirlpool of Souls”, which led to performance opportunities in Europe and Japan. Over the next few years 2 more full albums were released, “Geometry of Loss” a 3 CD set recorded in Tokyo and completed in Melbourne, and “Isle of Narrows” (now available at the Minorarc Bandcamp site) a sorrowful and dark classical journey released in 2009.

After returning to Australia and settling in Melbourne, Ivan began investing time and finances into the general support of underground musicians. For over a decade Dawn Industry (formerly Demus), has been fighting against the commercialised world of 5 minute hits and a mundane industry based on sales tactics and artistic compromise.